Mesoamerica Institute: Our Programs

We have two versions of the Core Program:

Once a week: Classes meet two hours, or one hour and thirty minutes each class per week
Twice a week: Classes meet two times a week for 1½ hours each class

The Core Program of the MESOAMERICA INSTITUTE is designed to allow students to learn at a comfortable pace yet challenge them to advance beyond their current proficiency level. The program is oriented toward building an ability to converse in Spanish.

To supplement conversational skills, fundamental concepts of grammar are incorporated. The program is structured around ongoing eight-week sessions with classes conducted entirely in Spanish in our core program, and 4 weeks or 2 weeks in our intensive courses. The instructors will help prospective students assess their fluency level as well as provide ongoing evaluation of the student progress.

Fees (8 weeks):
Once a week: $360.00 for 2 hour classes ($45 per class), or $280.00 for 1.5 hour classes ($35 per class)
Twice a week $540  for 1.5 hour classes ($ 35 per class)

Two-Week Intensive Program
The Two-Week Intensive Program is offered several times a year for all levels. Two weeks are devoted to concentrated Spanish study with classes scheduled three hours a day Monday through Friday, morning or afternoon.

The Two-Week Intensive Program creates an atmosphere comparable to an actual Spanish speaking environment. This program will most rapidly and effectively equip you to use Spanish in conversation.

Fees: $450 (20 Hour) -Materials Included-

Month-Long Intensive Program

The Month-Long Intensive Program is offered all year round for all levels. Three days a week are devoted to concentrated Spanish study with two hours of classes each day.

Similar to the Two-Week Intensive Program, this program creates an atmosphere comparable to an actual speaking environment. This is the most effective approach for people that are interested in learning Spanish fast. We offer this program to groups interested in any professional field.

Fees: $575-Materials Included-

10-hour Program – Fees: $500

15-Hour Program – Fees: $775

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